1818 Henderson Street, Columbia, SC

In 2009 UCI Medical Affiliates of South Carolina Inc. moved its corporate headquarters to a new environmentally-friendly office in Columbia's downtown Robert Mills historic district.

By selecting a deteriorating office building within the Robert Mills Historic District as headquarters for UCI Medical Affiliates, Inc. made a significant statement about the support for the vibrancy of in-town office locations and their quest for environmental sustainability . UCI's interest in an environmentally friendly rehabilitation serves as an outstanding example for reusing old buildings in Columbia's City Center.

The new headquarters brings approximately one hundred UCI employees from several sites to the single downtown location. As a premiere South Carolina public company, UCI wanted to be in the capital.

The building, at 1818 Henderson Street, was completely renovated with an eye toward conservation and sustainability. The renovation was designed by Columbia architecture firm Watson, Tate, Savory, which occupies the first LEED-certified building in Columbia's City Center.

Inspired by the design of the recently-renovated Seibels Garden, UCI enlisted the talents of landscape designer Jenks Farmer to transform the grounds and right-of-way that frames the building . This not only significantly enhances the streetscape, it also connects the site to the historic garden district.

The headquarters has been registered with the U.S. Green Building Council. Such certification attests that a building meets materials and performance standards, as well as sustainability goals, for eco-friendly building practices.

In 2009 The Columbia Choice Awards, which recognizes individuals, businesses, schools and organizations that add to the city's appearance and quality of life, presented UCI Medical Affiliates, Inc. with the Renovation/Reuse Award. "When this company located in the Robert Mills Historic District from three other locations, the landscaping was designed with its employees in mind - to give them an oasis to come to away from their cubicles. The plan compliments the building, reflecting its lines in the height of the bamboo and the parasol plants. The plantings soften the exterior of the building and the diverse colors, leaves and shapes work together. The area is designed to be sustainable, requiring minimal maintenance and limited watering once established." To read more: TheState.com

In 2010, UCI Medical's 1818 Henderson Street office building received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification. LEED promotes sustainable building and development practices through a suite of rating systems that recognize projects that implement strategies for better environmental and health performance. Read more: The Green Building Information Gateway